Sumitomo Electric Group

Based on originally developed conductors ,insulation materials and irradiated cross-linked technology,we have a variety of products with excellent strength ,flexibility ,heat resistance and stable electrical characteristics. These wires are widely used in home appliances, electric devices ,automotive and data transmission equipment.

IRRAX B28/B30/B32

Irradiated cross-linked PE has excellent heat resistance.
This wire is suitable for the use as motor lead wire and for wiring of air-conditioning systems where heat resistance is required.
Any PBBs and PBDEs are not used for our IRRAX B28,B30 OR B32.



Flexible High Voltage wire has the characteristics of high voltage range (3KVAC, etc) high temperature range ( 150° C ,etc) small diameter ( 1.08mm etc) and high flexibility
This wire is suitable for the backlights of LCDs.

Flexible high voltage wire
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