Sumitomo Electric Group

SEAP is dealing with sales of UL/CSA/MIL standard Wires, Flexible Flat Cables, Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), Shrinkable, Non-shrinkable Tubes and Sleeves, Data Transmission Interface Cables, Optical Fiber, Optical Fiber Cables & Accessories, Fusion Splicers, Photonics, Compound Semi-conductor, Power Cables and Accessories, and Microfiltration Membrane Products (Poreflonᵀᴹ Modules)

In the electronics field, devices are required to be ever smaller, lighter, more functional, and more sophisticated. To meet these requirements, Sumitomo Electric has been expanding its product lineup by continously developing new materials, wires and other parts. Sumitomo Electric’s cutting-edge technologies have been employed effectively for advanced medical, automotive and aircraft equipment, as well as for widely used products such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
An optical fiber is made from glass that is as thin as a human hair. This high-performance medium can transmit optical signals over dozens of kilometers. Unaffected by electromagnetic induction noise, optical fibers ensure high communication stability and enable high-speed, long-distance transmission.
Electric power energy is increasing its importance in the fields of environment and energy. Sumitomo Electric contributes to the stable supply of electric power by providing various types of electric wires and cables that are used for electric power transmission and distribuition networks between power generation plants and consumers. Recently in particular, the Company has been meeting the growing demands for high voltage submarine DC cables for grid interconnection between electric power companies and between countries, as well as for offshore wind power generation.
Applications such as Industrial Wastewater, Municipal waste water treatment, water supply, oil and gas waste water and pre-filtration of sea desalination.
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