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DAC cable

To meet the growing demand for higher speed and density of Wiring between the Data Center apparatus, Our DAC cable realized high-speed transmission + small diameter, flexibility. This product is useful for improving mounting density and efficiency in wiring, reducing weight.

DAC and High Speed Data


MFCX® used coaxial cables that have an extremely small external diameter of 0.35mm to 0.20mm and is mainly suited for the complicated hinged structure between the motherboards and LDCs of laptop computers and cellular phones, medical equipment. Even though each cable has such an extremely small diameter, MFCX® is equipped with a double – shielded structure that provides high noise immunity.


High Speed Data Harnesses

We are known for one of the major manufacturers of high speed data harness for electronics. We produce highly flexible wire harness with the newest standards such as USB3.1 Gen2 or ThunderboltTM3 harnesses. Our harnesses received USB3.1 Gen2 certification from USB Implementers Forum, and ThunderboltTM3 certification from Intel Corporation. Based on Intel’s ThunderboltTM3 technology, the new ThunderboltTM 3 harness with the new USB Type-CTM connector enables 40Gbps bi-directional data transmission and reversible connectivity. In addition, the cable supports up to 100W power delivery and multiple data protocols such as USB2.0 (4.8Mbps), USB3.1 Gen1 (5Gbps), Gen2 (10Gbps), Displayport1.2, and PCI Express.

High Speed Data Harnesses
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